A little about me...

Greetings, I'm Cathryn and I am happy you have joined us here.  I am an ordained Minister; Level 1 Marconics Practitioner;  Reiki Master; White Light Healer; Spirit Speaker and Seeker; and Empathetic Intuitive.  I believe there is an answer for everything. Sometimes we just have to allow the current to take us to the answer. Our challenge then is to follow the journey and accept the answer or destiny.

My journey began as a child and has been fueled by a love of life, our beautiful planet and a craving to bring all souls to the Light. Creating OmPop, LLC has given me an outlet to heal and help you design your journey. 

I'm a creative person who enjoys pursuing the Light through yoga, meditation, photography, various crafts, drawing, and creating with my husband and two children. 

There is always more to say but I would rather you get to know me in person! 



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